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Cheese Wedding & Celebration Cakes


We have taken three of our most popular cheeses and created a wonderful cheese wedding / celebration cake around them. Throw in an interesting 4th cheese and you have, what we believe to be, the best tasting, best value cake available today. The four cheeses are: Snowdonia Black Bomber ... an addictive, full flavoured, creamy Welsh Cheddar. Mrs Bell's Blue ... a rich, blue sheep's milk cheese from Yorkshire, Coverdale ... a fresh, slightly tangy cheese from the Dales and finally Gaperon. This is a unique French cheese flavoured with garlic and peppercorns. The total weight of cheese is around 6kg which is enough for 100 guests. We can offer this at an unbeatable price of just £99! Please note we can send this by courier to any part of the UK at additional cost.

We understand that presentation is vitally important so we take a lot of trouble over the design and visual appearance. However, THE most important reason to choose The Artisan Cheese Company for your Cheese Wedding or Celebration Cake is that we ensure the cheeses you select are in prime condition. If your celebration cheese cake looks good but the cheese isn’t ripe … big disappointment. But how do you incorporate a super ripe cheese (a Brie for example) into the cake without it collapsing and becoming a horrible mess? Our experience and strategic use of the correct design materials will ensure you have the best of both worlds on you big day … a wonderful looking cheese cake that is in perfect condition. How? Well, every cake we send out has dividers and support posts custom made for your cake. Everything comes clearly labelled and your cake will be assembled in less than 5 minutes. All that is left is for your florist or an artistic friend to apply some finishing touches, leaving your guests with something to talk about for months to come.