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Best of British Cheese Collection

The Artisan Cheese Co.

Best of British Cheese Collection


Four classic British cheeses: Gorwyyd Caerphilly, Kit Calvert, Beauvale and Tunworth. Approx 1 kg of award winning cheese plus a jar of Rosebud Preserves and our won Artisan Cheese Crackers.

Gorwydd Caerphilly: As far removed from the average supermarket Caerphilly as you could imagine. An artisan, raw milk, naturally rinded and cloth-bound. Usually matured for a minimum of two months to give a wonderfully deep flavour that is yet still fresh and clean tasting with slight citrus notes, combined with a surprisingly creamy, moist  texture. Cut cheese approx 250g.

Kit Calvert: If we say "Wensleydale" what do you expect? A white, crumbly, slightly acidic cheese ... probably stuffed with dried fruit? Well, not this one. It looks like a cheddar and manages a texture both buttery and slightly crumbly, and the taste ... far from being acidic, is rich, a little herby and a hint of honey. I find it mind-boggling how cheeses which are ostensibly the same can be so utterly different. Cut cheese approx 250g.

Tunworth: A camembert-style cheese in a class of its own. Raymond Blanc has called it “the best Camembert in the world”, which is quite an accolade from a Frenchman! Full flavoured, creamy, vegetal with hints of mushroom this traditional camembert style cheese comes in its own wooden box. Whole cheese approx 250g.

Beauvale:  A modern blue inspired by various continental cheeses, perhaps most directly the Gorgonzola Dolce , with its silky melting texture and milder profile. A well-balanced and supple blue, threaded with delicate moulds and savoury, almost meaty flavours. A lovely way to finish a British cheese board. Cut cheese approx 250g.

Rosebud Preserves Fig Chutney: A rich and piquant mix of juicy figs, molassed sugar, warm cinnamon and fresh orange. The prefect companion for these British cheeses. Approx 198g.

Artisan Cheese Crackers: our own neutral crackers. Approx 180g.

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