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Celtic Cheese Collection

The Artisan Cheese Co.

Celtic Cheese Collection


Four multiple award winning cheeses from Ireland and Wales; hard, rind washed,  blue and semi-hard. Includes a lovely fig chutney from North Yorkshire and a pack of Artisan Cheese Crackers. Total weight of cheese approx 1000g.

Gorwyyd Caerphilly: Now made in Somerset this traditional Welsh cheese should not be confused with the mass produced Caerphilly you may have tasted (and dismissed) in the past. A gold Medal winner at The World Cheese Awards. Cut cheese approx 250g.

Golden Cenarth: A Welsh washed rind cheese and a delicious alternative to the more common Epoisses, Stinking Bishop. Washed in Welsh cider is soft and gooey and pungent ... a delicious addition to any cheeseboard. Whole cheese approx 250g.

Crozier Blue: A rich, full and well-rounded blue ewe's milk cheese, hand made in County Tipperary. Crozier Blue has won many awards including a "Super Gold" at The World Cheese Awards. It is gently salty with a distinctly rich creamy texture, offset by a touch of spice.

Snowdonia Black Bomber: Made in Wales this is probably our best selling cheese. A new take on a traditional Cheddar, many think this is the most powerful cheddar they have tasted. Rich and creamy, it can prove to be quite addictive.

Artisan Crackers:

Rosebud Preserves:

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