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French Cheese Collection

The Artisan Cheese Co.

French Cheese Collection


Four carefully selected French cheeses (total weight approx 950g) plus complementary Fruit For Cheese & Artisan Crackers. The perfect gift for any Francophile.

Tomme de Pyrenees: Cheese doesn’t have to be strong to be full of flavour. Tomme des Pyrenees is definitely towards the mild end of the scale. It’s salty, earthy and buttery, with just a touch of yoghurt sourness. The perfect match for the other cheeses in this delection. Cut cheese approx 250g.

Epoisses: One slurp of the intensely creamy paste of this French classic, and you'll know why it is regarded as a classic. Epoisses is reputedly the only cheese banned from public transport in Paris! Whole cheese approx 250g.

Delice des Cremiers: This wonderful cheese from Burgundy is one of our best sellers. Delice is made with double cream and creme friache. It is luxurious and decadent. The perfect match for a good Champagne. Whole cheese approx 200g.

Roquefort Vieux Berger: Roquefort is one of the most famous of all cheeses. It has a creamy, white paste with green-blue veining and a full flavour characteristic of a ewe's milk cheese. Vieux Berger is one of the last hand-made Roqueforts and widely regarded as the best. Cut cheese approx 250g.

Just For Cheese: is a line of signature pairings created in Spain especially for cheese. These "compotes" using fruits, dried fruits, nuts and spices; ingredients specifically chosen by origin encompassing the flavors of five continents. The special pack includes 3 different flavours to complement your cheese (3 x 30g jars).

Artisan Crackers: Baked for The Artisan Cheese Company, these neutral crackers are the perfect match for any cheese (1 x 180g).

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