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Keen's Vintage Cheddar

The Artisan Cheese Co.

Keen's Vintage Cheddar


Keen's is a very traditional English Cheddar ... made with unpasteurised, raw milk for extra flavour and then cloth bound and matured to perfection. The result is the epitome of how a great cheddar should taste.

Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar has been made by Keen’s at Moorhayes Farm since 1899 when the family first moved there, using a recipe passed down through the generations, with time- honored methods of cheese making and traditional ingredients. Stephen and George Keen now run the family business and are proud to produce a unique cheddar, which has won an array of awards in the past.

Keen’s cheddar is made from raw milk produced by the Keen’s own cows, grazing the lush pastures on the edge of the Blackmore Vale. Great attention is given to the cows, their feed, and the milk they produce, as the milk used in the cheesemaking is not pasteurised. As the cheddar cheese matures all the sweet creamy flavors in the milk create a rich complex array of tastes which wake up the taste buds.

A Gold Medalist at the 2014 British Cheese Awards.

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