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Our Mahon cheese has been slow ripened for six months. Even this relatively brief aging period is long enough for the curd to develop a more interesting profile than many of the younger versions imported from Spain.

Cream-coloured and semi-hard, with a clean, grassy aroma that includes hints of ocean saltiness. The flavour has matured to a slight sharpness with sweet, fruity undertones, and a hint of salt. The natural, edible rind is rubbed with olive oil and paprika during aging, giving it a reddish hue and a fruity flavor. Wonderful with spicey chorizo and beer or dried fruit and sweet sherry.

Our Aged Mahón bears the Spanish Denominación de Origen (or Protected Geographical Indication), which designates its origin as Menorca, and also guarantees that it was crafted with approved techniques and only the highest quality ingredients.


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