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Multi-Gold Award Winners


We have carefully selected four outstanding, unique cheeses that have each won a Gold Medal at last year's British Cheese Awards AND a Super Gold at The World Cheese Awards. There are only a (small) handful of cheeses that have achieved this level of recognition and these are four of them. Perfect for an after dinner cheeseboard or a gift for a lover of great cheese.

Montgomery's Cheddar

Montgomery Cheddar has made near Yeovil in south Somerset for three generations. Perhaps the epitome of traditional cheddar and made in a truly traditional way – matured for over a year wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves. This wonderful cheese has won numerous awards including a Gold at last year's British Cheese Awards and a Super Gold at The World Cheese Awards. A cut piece 150g / 250g.

Cote Hill Blue

A superb blue crusted cheese from Osgodby in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Similar in style to a soft textured blue brie, creamy with a definite sharpness and complex flavours. Hand-made on the farm by Michael & Mary Davenport and their son, Joe, from the milk of their 80 pedigree Friesian cows. Winner of many awards including a Gold at last year's British Cheese Awards and a Super Gold at The World Cheese Awards. Cut cheese 150g / 250g.

Gorwydd Caerphilly

If you find the idea of Caerphilly in this selection a little odd, then you have probably never tasted a real one! Earthy, buttery almost French,  this is no supermarket  cheese. As it's maker,Todd Trethowan remarks ... "of all the factory-made cheese you can buy, Caerphilly tastes the worst." It is almost always young and flavourless, with the texture of chalk. Prepare to be amazed. Again a Gold Medal and Super Gold at the two major cheese competitions. Cut cheese 150g / 250g.

Golden Cross

Golden Cross is a gorgeously creamy goats cheese that is a little sweeter than some. Based on a French style of cheese it is coated in ash over which an edible white mould rind develops producing a fine soft texture and delicate flavour.

Made by Kevin and Alison Blunt of the Golden Cross Cheese company at their farm at Whitesmith, East Sussex. This unpasteurised cheese comes as a log-shaped whole cheese of 250g or 125g portion.

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