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Quicke's Goat Cheddar

The Artisan Cheese Co.

Quicke's Goat Cheddar


Vibrant and creamy - a delightfully different goat's cheese, created from the finest locally sourced goat's milk and made by the multi-award winning Quicke's Creamery in Devon. Matured to perfection for six months the cheese has a luxurious buttery flavour, rounded off with an almond nuttiness. Perfect with pear cider or stout and a sophisticated addition to any cheeseboard.

The Quicke family have produced award winning cheeses for generations. Now they have successfully developed a hard goats milk cheese, this Quickes Goats Cheddar in the same style as their traditional cheddar. Made with locally sourced goats milk & vegetarian rennet. If you love goat's cheese you will love this Gold Medal winning cheese.

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