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The Artisan Cheese Co.

Spanish Selection


Our Spanish selection include some well known and some less well known cheeses. Four perfectly complementary cheeses to make the perfect gift, unique tapas plate or after  dinner cheeseboard. The "small" version includes 150g of each cheese and is ideal for 2 -4 people. The "large" option includes 250g of each cheese ... 1kg of bliss on a plate ... for 6 - 8 people.

La Oveja Negra Manchego Curado

The finest Manchego in Spain. This is a truly artisnal cheese, the Manchego of our memories and dreams. La Oveja Negra Manchego is made from milk produced by a heritage breed of black Manchego sheep that graze the certified organic Parra family vineyard in La Mancha. Aged for 6 months, this is a denser, moister, sweeter cheese than any mass produced, factory product. We challenge you to put this cheese to the test.

Small 150g / Large 250g

Valdeon (Picos de Europa)

A rich, powerful mixed milk blue cheese from the wooded mountains of Picos de Europa in the Castile-Leon region of the northwestern Spain The cheese is made from a delicious blend of cow and goat's milk then wrapped in sycamore leaves. A bold and salty cheese, Valdeon's uniqueness lies in its manufacturing process, which includes long and traditional maturing in the cold, damp cellars until the cheese reaches a mature or medium mature age. 

Small 150g / Large 250g

Queso de Pria 3 Leches Azul

Meaning "three milks" Tres Leches is made with a mix of 50% cows' milk, 30% ewes' milk and 20% goats' milk to produce a gentle, subtle semi-blue cheese. Created by the Ines Granada family on the Asturias Coast near Llanes. Unique.

Small 150g / Large 250g

Artesano Mahon

Named after the port of Mahon on the Island of Menorca island Mahon is a washed sticky, medium-soft cheese with buttery, sharp and salty flavours. During maturation the cheese is hand rubbed with butter and paprika or oil. Sold at different ages ranging from 2 months to 10 months our's is young, sticky cheese which perfectly complements the other cheeses in the Spanish Selection.

Small 150g / Large 250g

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