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The Artisan Cheese Co.

Yorkshires Finest


Three multi-award winning cheeses ... the best Yorkshire has to offer:

Kit Calvert: Made to the original Wensleydale recipe. Cloth-bound and aged this fine cheese is unrecognisable from the white, crumbly stuff you may see in the supermarket. Winner of a coveted "Super Gold Medal" at The World Cheese Awards. 350g.

Buttertubs: A brand new cheese, made in the Dales village of Hawes by Wensleydale Creameries, this is a rich, full flavoured, cheddar style cheese with a citrus - lemon back note. Unusually for a new cheese Buttertubs was awarded a Gold Medal at The British Cheese Awards. 350g.

Harrogate Blue: Hand made in Thirsk, North Yorkshire by Shepherd's Purse, Harrogate Blue is a rich, creamy blue with none of the harshness sometimes associated with blue cheese. The addition of annato gives the cheese a distinctive orange hue plus a slightly sweet, nutty edge. Winner of a Super Gold at The World Cheese Awards and a Gold Medal at The British Cheese Awards. 350g.

Beer Fruit Chutney: A deep, dark and thick fruit chutney that contains plums, dried fruits, allspice and the unique Ampleforth Abbey Beer. Delicious with Wensleydale and Farmhouse Cheddar. The beer, used to flavour the chutney, is prepared with hops and barley, then double fermented for strength and a ‘champagne-like’ sparkle, very similar to the recipe first used by the monks in 1608.

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